Trinnov Audio has been an industry pioneer pushing the boundaries of audio processing technology for over 20 years. Grounded in an unwavering commitment to research in high spatial resolution audio, Trinnov has earned a reputation for developing advanced, industry-defining sound processing technologies including proprietary state-of-the-art loudspeaker/room optimization. With a passionate dedication to advancing sound quality, Trinnov brings more experience in the fundamental research and practical implementation of immersive audio than any other manufacturer. 

Over 2000 cinemas trust us globally, including highly prestigious places such as UGC, Gaumont-Pathé, CGR, British Film Institute…


Introduced in 2013, the Ovation changed the way engineers calibrate cinema sound over the sound paradigm of Time / Phase / Frequency. Since 2019, the Ovation2 retains all the significant benefits of its predecessor while introducing futuristic enhancements to push the boundaries of cinema sound once again.

Guaranteed performance 

To maintain world-leading fidelity, Trinnov is known for having all audio boards designed and manufactured by Trinnov. 

Digital & Analog Outputs

The new Ovation 16/16 version proposes up to 16 channels AES outputs mirroring its analog outputs. With this feature, you can now use an amplifier with digital inputs as well as analog inputs.

Tactile Screens

We redesigned the front panel around 2 touch screens, offering cinema engineers and end users much better ergonomics and a more modern user experience.

Re-designed power supply

At the heart of Ovation2, is a brand-new power supply designed with the highest requirements in mind to offer better overall performance and stability in compliance with the world’s most demanding specs and certifications.

Step-by-step calibration software

A step-by-step wizard allows for much broader configuration choices over an intuitive guided process. Connection to the Ovation has been improved with a web interface as well as the VNC client, no external software needed.

Something extra

The Ovation processors have developed an excellent reputation in 5.1 and 7.1 cinemas. The guided calibration process yields an amazing result in a short amount of time.

We also found a growing number of customers looking for something “extra”, and here we unleash the 24 channel version of the Ovation2 processor.

With the extra channels and increased flexibility of the Ovation2, you can dramatically improve the cinematic experience by adding something extra to your 5.1 and 7.1 cinemas: extra subwoofers or speakers.