Managed Services

Managed Services are the complete suite of services offered by STRONG to our customers. Any combination of these services can be placed under contract coverage to maximize peace of mind and provide a consistent monthly payment.

  • Remote NOC Support and On-Site Field Service
    • STRONG’s service and support teams are unmatched. Our team operates 24×7, ensuring someone is always available to assist. 
    • The global Google Cloud network is leveraged to offer dedicated site VPN connections. Many problems can be resolved without the need to send a technician onsite. 
    • Hardware & software monitoring via our STRONG Management System providing real time alerts and historical reporting. 
    • On-site field service is offered in every major metropolitan market in the country covered and most of the smaller markets have technicians in close proximity. 
  • Content Management
    • We manage your content so you can manage your theatre. Weekly title mapping, trailer pack placement, and advertisement programming is completed. Our team will inform you well in advance of any missing content so we can work together to have your content ready and check daily for keys and content to ensure your players are ready to go in all auditoriums. 
    • Most customers have seen a 70+% reduction in content related problems after letting us manage it.
  • Content Delivery
    • STONG Content Delivery delivers DCPs directly to your screens or library server. Built on the Google Cloud global network and Engineered by STRONG for maximum uptime, reliability and ease of use. Integrate this with our NAS LMS, Managed Services, & Content Management team to maximize your benefits.
  • VPN Access
    • Controlled access for you and your team from outside of the network to your equipment.


We provide complete installation and project management. We cover most projects 100% in-house with our unmatched team. Our installation services include the following: 

  • Projectors
  • Audio
  • Direct View LED
  • Monitors
  • Projection Screens, Drapery, and Front Ends
  • Seating
  • Immersive Screens

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