MAG Cinema


When you visit a boutique, the stylists and consultants do their utmost to not just sell you clothes, but also to make you look awesome. They are committed to helping you make the best choice, your perfect match, to best possible highlight your personality and appearance.

Our mission in the world of premium cinema acoustics is the exact same – we want your venue to sound perfect. Even more – we want every movie to sound as designed, to let a spectator hear every sound – from a heartbeat to a monster’s roar.

MAG does have everything you need for any possible request or project, offering a wide range of speakers in various sizes to fit any budget. And we truly care because we are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


MAG Cinema is on a mission to revolutionize the conservative global cinema audio market with its groundbreaking innovations. Our ambition is to drive a remarkable surge in sound reproduction quality and cinematic immersion. By incorporating state-of-the-art sound amplification technologies into the film & entertainment industry, MAG Cinema aims to emerge as a global trailblazer, breaking down stereotypes and transcending traditional barriers.

We, at MAG, believe that audio in cinema should not just be standardly good, it must lead the forefront of technological advancement.

TRY MAG…and you’ll never look back!


Our manufacturing encompasses a full production cycle – everything what is needed to create a complex system from our own raw materials. This includes metalworking, crafting wooden enclosures, complete with finishing touches, and our plastic molding manufacturing facilities.

In keeping with our tradition, for our acoustic systems, we exclusively use our own unique transducers, custom-designed and assembled in-house for specific products and purposes. Additionally, we develop and produce amplifiers and other electronic devices essential for our outstanding turnkey sound solutions.

But most importantly, we maintain stringent quality control at every stage. All key operations are meticulously checked, ensuring consistent quality across all our batches.


We provide up to an unprecedented 10-year warranty on the equipment, calling it the best evidence of how confident MAG is about the quality of its products.

Here are the rules we follow:

·        10 years of warranty for speakers in projects that were approved by MAG Cinema’s sound design team.

·        7 years of default warranty on its speakers and speaker components.

·        3 years of warranty for its amplifiers and other electronic devices.


MAG Cinema scored the first successful line array technology usage for a screen system.

The power of physics is on our side, providing the smoothest and most high-quality coverage for even the largest PLF auditoriums. Tremendous power headroom and coverage control which was previously unavailable for point-source systems.

For that, we have introduced the first cinema screen system line array to be approved for Dolby Atmos immersive sound applications. Its goal is to achieve uniform coverage in any corner of the room because we do believe that each moviegoer should get the same sound quality whenever he or she is seated.

This is one of our innovations that breaks with the stereotype that cinemas should only use point-source horn-type speakers. By receiving the award for a theater equipped with this system in the category ‘Best World Cinema of the Year’, simply confirms that MAG is moving in the right direction.


The impeccable way of LF and HF axial alignment allows the creation of an optimal surround speaker along with a beautiful and precise sound picture. An additional benefit is the extra slim enclosure and a much less visual footprint.

Coaxial technology in our surroundings helps to achieve smooth coverage and coupling between surround speakers, giving the same immersive experience to every listener and moviegoer.


MAG Cinema’s THOR is known as the world’s most advanced cinema subwoofer. Thanks to M-Force technology, the MAG THOR has become a true legend, exceeding the expectations of the most demanding patrons by providing maximum sound pressure at the very lowest frequencies starting from 18 Hz. Far beyond the imagination of traditional cinema sound systems!

In a later stage, we at MAG have decided to also create a more versatile THOR-24, designed, and manufactured according to the classic electrodynamic scheme, by using 100% of our own components.  The core of THOR-24 is a 24-inch low-frequency driver featuring an extended linear excursion and a robust 2500-watt power rating.

THOR-24 is available in both passive and active versions. It represents the ultimate achievement in combining MAG’s most advanced technologies and experience in subwoofer development and it is crafted to meet the highest demands.

MN Mounting Solutions

MAG is also thrilled to introduce its ultra-reliable brand in loudspeaker mounting solutions and rigging accessories – MN Mounting Solutions.

All MN’s wall and ceiling speaker mounting solutions are designed with redundant working loads, including a calculated safety factor of 7:1, ensuring installations going safe, quick, and exceptionally predictable.

MN Mounting Solutions offers a wide range of compatible universal fit wall and ceiling mounts for surround sound speakers. MN Mounting Solutions allows for the wall and ceiling surrounds to be articulated in every possible angle where needed. They also offer low profile solutions incl. fixed and adjustable u-brackets. 

MN also offers a variety of different size digital projector pedestals and audio racks. Their comprehensive solutions cater to a variety of installation needs, ensuring both reliability, ease of installation and exceptional quality.