MN Mounting

MN Mounting Solutions offers the global Pro A/V and Cinema industry a wide range of cost-effective, reliable, safe, and easy-to-install mounting hardware and rigging accessories.

With over 30 years’ experience in the engineering, design, and development field, MN can create versatile and tailor-made solutions for installing sound systems in numerous venues such as professional cinemas, entertainment centers, sports arenas, and live sound venues, with a primary focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

Movie Theatres are our passion, and with that in mind, MN proudly offers an extensive range of versatile, universal fit and compatible wall & overhead mounts for surround sound speakers.

MN Mounting Solutions delivers unparalleled flexibility, allowing the installation of wall and ceiling surrounds at virtually any angle required. MN’s offerings include low-profile solutions, encompassing both fixed and adjustable U-shaped brackets. In addition, MN features a diverse array of pedestals for digital projectors, audio racks, and a wide range of accessories.

Our comprehensive solutions cater to a variety of installation needs, ensuring reliability, ease of installation, and exceptional quality.

Wall Mounting Solutions

MN’s professional wall mounting solutions offer unparalleled convenience and versatility, enabling clients to position speakers quickly, easily, securely, and exactly where they are needed.

Engineered with contemporary safety standards in mind, its wall mounts are designed not just for reliability, but also for ease of installation. MN provides a comprehensive range of both fixed and flexible wall mounts for speakers, featuring panning and tilting capabilities suitable for both immersive and non-immersive audio applications.

Designed for a one-person installation, its mounts boast an exceptionally sturdy construction, thoughtful design, and affordability. With a working load of 100 lbs. and a safety factor of 7:1, these are unarguably the strongest and most reliable wall-mounting solutions available in the market today.

Overhead Mounting Solutions

To facilitate a more convenient, secure, and rapid installation of ceiling-mounted speakers, MN has developed a range of overhead solutions designed to accommodate sound systems not only in cinemas but also in sports arenas and numerous other in- and outdoor venues.

All MN’s hanging solutions ensure a safe and predictable installation, allowing the speakers to be directed along multiple axes (2 or 3). Whether you are mounting directly onto a suspended structure, channel grid, or truss, they offer the optimal solution for a successful installation.

With a working load capacity of 100 pounds and a safety factor of 7:1, MN Mounting solutions are unarguably the strongest and most reliable ceiling mounting options available globally.

Projector Pedestals

MN’s versatile projector pedestals boast an exceptionally robust construction and are available in various heights. Each model offers ample rack space (from 8U to 52U) for power amplifiers, processors, and other equipment, along with the capability for adjustable mounting of 3D projection systems.

Whether your project requires a single or dual projector setup, MN Mounting Solutions has everything you need.

The MN pedestals are conveniently delivered in a flat-pack and disassembled form, ensuring cost-effective worldwide shipping. The assembly process is straightforward and predictable, typically completed within 20 minutes per pedestal.

MN’s multifunctional projector pedestals are compatible with a wide range of digital cinema projector brands and models, including Barco, Christie, NEC, Sony, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for all your projection needs.

Sound Racks

MN Mounting Solutions presents an extensive selection of universal 19-inch racks and accessories. Its offering range features several series, differentiated by depth and the doors option.

Leveraging years of experience and collaboration with Cinema and Audio companies, MN Mounting customizes audio racks to meet the specific needs of clients in cinemas, concert venues, conference halls, touring applications, and more.

The many accessories, such as Wheel Sets, Rack Covers, Patch Panels, and Rack Plugs offered by MN Mounting enable a seamless integration of various applications and devices into its audio racks.

This ensures optimal performance when connecting sound systems, further solidifying MN Mounting’s commitment to delivering excellence in audio equipment management.