Q-SYS for High Impact Spaces

Unlock the potential of your space.  

Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video and control (AV&C) Platform built around modern, standards-based IT architecture and driven by the Q-SYS OS. Structured to enable seamless, unified, and scalable human experiences, Q-SYS raises the bar with award-winning training, amazing support and innovative solutions.   

Strong Technical Services and Q-SYS work together to redefine the potential of each space, with solutions that flex to your requirements and scale alongside your future growth. Together we invite you to experience what’s possible in every installation.  

Meet Your Newest Video Endpoints

Q-SYS NV Series network video endpoints are multipurpose, software-configurable devices enabling high-quality, low-latency video distribution. The NV Series are flexible and scalable, allowing you to tailor your system components to the project requirements, placing the correct type and quantity of video I/O where it’s needed most. Q-SYS. NV Series endpoints easily convert Q-SYS network camera and audio feeds into your preferred collaboration application through a single, driverless, plug-and-play USB connection.

Emergency Operations Centers

Emergency Operations Centers found their purchase in government and public sector spaces, but now are increasingly found elsewhere. Because organizations across all sectors can experience cyber security breaches, PR issues, or a variety of emergencies that require individuals to react quickly and with focused effort. The emergency operations center, or EOC, is an emerging high impact space-type that enables organizations to have a secure area in which to launch a response. 

Featured Product 

Acting as the brains of your Q-SYS system, the Q-SYS OS drives an entire portfolio of native Q-SYS solutions, starting with a full range of Core processors. This singular software-based foundation allows you to simply choose the right Q-SYS Core processor based on your digital/analog IO requirements and the scale of your unique installation.

Q-SYS in Action