USW-112P Compact Subwoofer


Robust Bass for Any Space
The USW-112P self-powered subwoofer delivers powerful low-frequency performance in a compact, versatile package. It’s designed as an ideal companion for ULTRA‑X20 loudspeaker and complements a range of Meyer Sound loudspeakers including the UPM, UP‑4slim, Ashby‑5C, and Ashby‑8C. Its low-profile cabinet measures just 23.5 inches high by 13.5 inches wide by 12 inches deep, making it an ideal choice when space is limited.

Count on the USW-112P to deliver clean, low-distortion output at any output level: Its proprietary 12” low-distortion, long-excursion driver enhances low-frequency performance in the 35 to 140Hz range, and its cabinet incorporates a low-air-velocity port tuned for high efficiency, linear response, and low distortion.

The USW-112P’s built-in Class D amplifier delivers a linear peak SPL of 123 dB, measured using M‑Noise. Sophisticated signal processing includes electronic crossover, correction filters for phase and frequency response, and driver-protection circuitry. The crossover accepts full-range signals, enabling daisy-chain signal distribution and eliminating the need for external crossovers in smaller systems.

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