RapidView 40′ Projection Package


This package is the ultimate portable projector and screen combination for you entertainment needs.

The package contains:

  • Northview 40′ Inflatable Screen
  •  NP-PA803UL (Refurbished) Laser Projector
  • QSC K12.2 Main Speakers
  • QSC K112 Subwoofer
  • Projector and Speaker Stands
  • Mixer, HDMI Switcher, Blu-ray Player, Power Conditioner, and Travel Case
  • Cables & Microphone


Drop Ship From Vendor


STRONG manufactures the largest and most popular screens in the global cinema market. The screen used here is truly the same one you can find down the street in your local theater. We combine these world class screens with a local manufacturer’s inflatable frame. You’ve seen this manufacturers inflatable products in major holiday parades and at sporting events for decades.

STRONG offers a factory refurbished projector by NEC which carries a full one year warranty with 8,000 lumens. We are one of the largest US Cinema distributors and leverage our relationships to get you the best possible value in projectors.

STRONG takes a step up when it comes to your sound as with QSC’s K2 12.2 speakers as opposed to the smaller 10.2’s that others offer. You get more range and sound while maintaining the same professional quality and durability.

STRONG brings you the best screen in the industry, a 25% brighter image on that screen, bigger and louder speakers, quality name brands with every other component and still offer this to you at almost a $4,000 discount compared, again, to those other online packages.

Lastly STRONG offers piece of mind with a nationwide network of our own cinema trained technicians in almost every major market. In the unlikely event you need assistance we can be there in person, not just on the phone.

Please contact STRONG Technical Services at 1-800-722-4445 option #1 for Warranty information.