The Details


The Prytania Theatre




New Orleans, Louisiana

Work Needed

Upgrade and Update entire theatre

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Their Problem

Their theatre equipment was out of date and didn’t give their patrons the experience they were looking for.

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Our Solution

Offer their patrons the best of the best. The key components installed by Strong Technical Services were:

  • Barco SP4K-15C 4K laser projector
  • Dolby CP950A Dolby Atmos audio processor
  • 51 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers

The first showing with the new system was Top Gun: Maverick. The sonic improvement was startling, according to Brunet.

“Our post-Katrina system was quite good but the new Meyer Sound system just blew it away,” he recalls. “What I heard with that movie pushed every button. When the jets flew by, the building literally shook, yet you also heard every detail with clarity and pinpoint positioning. It was very impressive.”

The clarity and dynamic range also enhanced quieter scenes, says Brunet. “A lot of times a powerful system can be too bright in scenarios with mainly dialogue. But the Meyer Sound system was clear and natural, never fatiguing. When you need it to bang it will do it, but with dialogue, the accuracy and fidelity shine through.”