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New England and Ohio

Work Needed

Update network infrastructure

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Their Problem

  • Constant slow or failed transfers
  • Daily Automation command failures
  • Constant network gear reboots that only temporarily fix issues
  • No fault-tolerance or redundancy
  • Multiple vendors of old deprecated switch gear with little to no management capability
  • Network not compatible with new Video and Audio over IP technologies
  • Pulling new cabling not cost effective in some locations
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Our Solution

  • Remove old network gear in its entirety and install new ‘affordable’ network gear
  • Utilize old cabling infrastructure by re-terminating problem connections with newer and more advanced components to keep costs down
  • Combine legacy physical networks lines into dynamic aggregate groups for fault tolerance, failover and load balancing from end to end and reduce single points of failure
  • Leverage IP technologies to distribute Audio and Video over the network instead of pulling additional cabling for each use
  • Increase available backbone network speeds to 20Gbit for smaller sites and 40Gbit for larger sites with plenty of headroom for future network needs and growth
  • Apply Quality of Service(QOS) to every data packet on the network from end to end to create a single plug-n-play ‘Converged Network’ that will support
    • Line Speed Content Transfer
    • Realtime Web Applications
    • Voice over IP Applications
    • Alternative Content and Realtime Streaming Media Applications
    • Low Latency Video Conferencing Applications
    • Extremely Low Latency Online and Offline Gaming Applications and E-Sports
    • Social Media Interaction Applications
    • Built-In support for Audio Over IP Network Protocols including the new AES67, CobraNet, Dante, AVB, etc